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A Ménage à Trois of a Different Kind: The Cat by Colette

La chatte - Colette Gigi & The Cat - Colette

Certain book titles attract some people, while they chase away others – The Cat by Colette is such a one. It’s set in Paris in the 1930s and although a cat, more precisely a three-year-old Chartreux cat called Saha, plays a central role in it, the short classical novel couldn’t be less close to a fable or a fairy tale than it is.


The main protagonists of The Cat are Alain and Camille, a young couple about to get married. Alain is an introverted twenty-four-year-old bourgeois who loves his carefree life at his mother’s house, his habits and his cat Saha. Camille, on the other hand, is a bold and energetic young woman of nineteen who wants her husband to completely belong to her alone and to share her desires. Between them stands Saha, the purring link to Alain’s solitary past and the furry obstacle to the common future.


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Gigi & The Cat - Colette 

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