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Until the Straw Breaks the Camel's Back: Winter Quarters by Evelyn Grill

Winter Quarters: A Novel (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought. Translation Series) - Evelyn Grill, Jean M. Snook Winterquartier - Evelyn Grill

A small Austrian town isn't a bed of roses, especially not when you have been born with a visible defect like the protagonist of this shattering short novel from the early 1990s.


In Winter Quarters the author depicts the fate of a woman in her early forties who is doubly handicapped: she was born with a limp and her surroundings crippled her emotionally. Lacking self-esteem and missing love she is easy prey for a brute of a man who wants a comfortable home and a servile woman who lets him do as he likes - domestic violence included. Her surroundings don't see or pretend not to see what is going on. But although she is weak on the outside, anger is boiling under the surface. Where will it lead?


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