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Chaos of Family Life: The Winter War by Philip Teir

The Winter War - Philip Teir, Tiina Nunnally Winterkrieg - Thorsten Alms, Philip Teir

This one is the debut novel of the promising Finland-Swedish author Philip Teir. which has come out in English and German edition in 2014 and 2015 respectively.


The Winter War is the story of a Finnish couple in their late fifties and their two grown-up daughters. The father is a university professor approaching his sixtieth birthday and attracted to a young journalist, while the mother is an employee in human resources who is discontent with virtually everything in her life. The younger daughter is training to be an artist in London because she doesn't know anything better to do and the older daughter is a teacher who questions her choice of life. In a nutshell: they all have their problems that make the long dark winter even more gloomy so it turns into a war at last.


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