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This is a blog about my reads as well as everything related to them.

My taste is for good quality literature - old and new. Some of it I review here or on my main book blog Edith's Miscellany.



Back to the Classics Challenge 2015

This year I'm participating in the Back to the Classics Challenge hosted by Karen K. from Books and Chocolate.


Here's the link to my sign-up post with my preliminary reading list for this challenge. Maybe it inspires you to read some of the works that I put on it, many of them are quite forgotten today ;-) I'll review at least two of the books here on booklikes because they don't fit into Edith's Miscellany, namely the 19th Century Classic and the Non-Fiction Classic.


Btw you can still sign up for the challenge, if you like... since you are on booklikes you even have a blog where you can post your reviews. ;-)

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