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Eighty-Minute Memory: The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yōko Ogawa

Das Geheimnis der Eulerschen Formel - Yōko Ogawa, Sabine Mangold The Housekeeper + The Professor - Yōko Ogawa, Stephen Snyder

The story of The Housekeeper and the Professor is that of the two characters already mentioned in the title plus the housekeeper’s ten-year-old son and the poetry of mathematics.


It begins in March 1992 when the narrator takes up her job as the professor’s housekeeper in a shabby back yard garden pavilion. The professor used to be a renowned mathematician until a car accident in 1975 left him with an eighty-minute memory. The housekeeper is intrigued by the professor’s capacity to see figures of everyday life in a mathematical light. One day she mentions her ten-year-old son and he insists that the boy comes to the pavilion after school to be in his mother’s care. It is the beginning of a strange friendship held together by the beauty of mathematics and the love for baseball.


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The Housekeeper + The Professor - Yōko Ogawa,Stephen Snyder 

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