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Imaginative Spy Out of Necessity: Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene

Our Man in Havana - Graham Greene

Cuba in the 1950s was such a strategically important place that espionage bloomed there and in the satirical spy novel Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene the general desire for first-hand intelligence has strange offshoots.


One day Jim Wormold, the agent of Phastkleaners vacuum cleaners in Havana, is approached by an Englishman who recruits him as a spy for the British Secret Service M.I.6. He can use the money and thus begins to play his part in the Cold War game. In London nobody notices that his reports are all made up and because he is such a success he’s sent support. From there the fake reports develop dynamics of their own pushing Wormold into the dangerous (and in several cases fatal) net of real espionage and towards his attractive as well as understanding secretary Beatrice.


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Our Man in Havana - Graham Greene 

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